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January 01, 2007



Saw you over at Faris's blog. We have a lot to talk about....

Great blog - I look forward for more insightful posts.

viva la social construction!

viva la culture!

viva la intersubjectivity!

Good luck with your PhD.



Asi - many thanks for popping by, and for your kind words (afraid it's all downhill from here ..!)

Yes, lots of common grounding clearly. And love the swimming gear, red bottoms, cooking routine (blog pic) mashup. Would like to see the quanties try and 'adjectivise' that baby!

Shall look forward to 'seeing you around'.

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  • 1. Everything is cultural (nothing can step outside of cultural representation)

    2. Culture is the richest repository of innovation and brand development ideas

    3. Inspiration exists in everything (cf. Paul Smith)

    4. Branding is an art (but science can help)

    5. Strategy cannot be divorced from execution (overlook design at your peril)

    6. Complex problems have simple, easy to understand, wrong answers (cf. HL Mencken)

    7. Diversity and inconsistency keeps life interesting for people (thus everything about this blog is subject to change)

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