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February 05, 2007



Really like the Foucault steal mate - makes total sense doesn't it - I mean if things are truly original, utterly without referrent in culture, how would anyone be able to decode them!


I think Bakhtin is your man on this issue. For him, "“any utterance is a link in a very complexly organised chain of other utterances”

That is, every piece of creative work is always inhabited and interlaced by the 'voices' and 'works' of others.

Whatever we do, we always challenge, dispute, reaffirm, validate, contradict, influenced by, elaborate, expand…...the words and thoughts of others and by that we find our own voice, our own self....


Great build Asi - hadn't thought of Bakhtin. Suppose there's also something about his ideas on the carnivalesque that lends itself nicely to creativity. Actually, the carnivalesque also links nicely to Faris' post on the Dark Side of Brands. Interconnections will never cease ... ;)

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