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March 28, 2007



Outstandingly good culture maker.

fredrik sarnblad

Brilliant post! Cheers.


I'm very fascinated by the "conflict resolution approach" and the cultural contradictions as an opportunity for a brand to discover new provocative territories.

Can you tell me where to find more about it?

Thank you,



Hi Valentina,

Thanks for dropping by.

As a cultural (rather than consumer driven) approach, it still remains somewhat niche on the marketing/branding textbook circuit.

Ginny Valentine, as referenced above, is the key commercial reference point - suggest you try www.warc.com for a list of her publications.

Douglas Holt's 'How Brands Become Icons' (see sidebar link under books) also contains an interesting genealogical-based version that's worth checking out.

And, if you're feeling particularly scholarly, why not dip into the Lévi-Strauss original, 'Structural Anthropology', it's cheap, slim, and more accessible than most.

Hope this helps.

Happy reading!



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