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April 13, 2008


Rick Liebling

Gibson is certainly in the pantheon of future culture-makers. His work, now 20+ years old in some cases, still holds up remarkably well.

I think two others who should be in this conversation are Philip K. Dick and Ridley Scott.

Dick, often dismissed in his own time has spawned countless movies in recent years (Through A Scanner Darkly, Minority Report) as well as Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which spawned the seminal Ridley Scott epic, Blade Runner. In fact, Blade Runner had a major impact on Gibson:

"About ten minutes into Blade Runner, I reeled out of the theater in complete despair over its visual brilliance and its similarity to the "look" of Neuromancer, my [then] largely unwritten first novel. Not only had I been beaten to the semiotic punch, but this damned movie looked better than the images in my head! With time, as I got over that, I started to take a certain delight in the way the film began to affect the way the world looked. Club fashions, at first, then rock videos, finally even architecture. Amazing! A science fiction movie affecting reality!"


Thanks Rick - great build ... that quote's rather made my day!

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